Greetings VSB Members:

Your CUPE Local 15 Bargaining Committee met with the employer last Friday, April 22nd to develop a protocol agreement for our upcoming round of collective bargaining.

We can confirm that an agreement has been reached and signed off with the employer for our protocol agreement. This agreement is vital as it will establish the rules for which both parties will conduct themselves during collective bargaining.

With regard to the VSB/CUPE Local 15 bargaining, future dates have been scheduled in the event that we can begin bargaining once the Provincial Bargaining table has concluded. While no future Provincial Bargaining dates are scheduled, discussions are taking place as to when they could resume. As soon as we have confirmation, we will be advising our members.

In the meantime, your Local 15 Committee is working on preparations for our bargaining by reviewing the results of the recent employee survey. From those responses, the Committee will begin drafting proposals that will be brought forward to the membership for review and ratification. In addition to the survey results, the Committee will also be bringing forth proposals on areas where they feel the collective agreement needs to be updated and to address issues that have developed since the last round of bargaining.

Your CUPE Local 15 Bargaining Committee, along with your VSB Shop Stewards, will be participating in upcoming strike preparation workshops. This is strictly for planning purposes and does NOT mean we are going on strike now! However, we must always be prepared should bargaining break down or we are impacted by another union’s bargaining.

Please let your colleagues know that if they haven’t received this bulletin, it means the union office doesn’t have their personal email address, which is the only way we can communicate to them. So please encourage them to let the office know at 604-879-4671 or via email to

The Committee will be producing information bulletins as events unfold. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to any member of the bargaining committee or shop steward should you have any questions or concerns.

In solidarity,

Chris Brown
Vanessa Mani-Garrett
Debbie Mohabir
Carley Romas
Cynthia Schadt
Rufa Sese
Kathie Currie, Staff Representative
Warren Williams, President