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There are many great opportunities for you to become involved with CUPE Local 15. You can be a note taker, a shop steward, or participate on many of our committees. Either way, we have something for everyone. Please fill out the form below and indicate what you are interested in doing. The form will get emailed to our office.

Be a Shop Steward

Calling all stewards! CUPE is proud to continue with our exciting education program – the Steward Learning Series. This series recognizes that the steward has an important role to play in a number of areas in the workplace and the union. It provides an opportunity for stewards to explore a number of topics – all from a steward’s point of view. This new series of three-hour modules will give stewards a wide range of knowledge and skills to represent members and respond to situations in the workplace. Some of these modules are mandatory for the Steward Learning Series Certificate, and some are optional.

Be a Note Taker

We are still looking for members to assist us as “note takers”. If you are employed with the City of Vancouver, Park Board, Ray-Cam, or Britannia Community Centre you may be who we are looking for. You would occasionally be asked to attend meetings to take accurate notes and transcribe them on our behalf and deliver the originals to our office. If you have the ability to take accurate notes while a discussion is going on then please contact the Secretary-Treasurer. Paid leave will be provided for the time necessary to attend these meetings with your employer.

Attend a Workshop

CUPE Locals and District Councils sponsor training workshops for their members throughout the year. See below for information on the Steward Learning Series and our CUPE Stewards Handbook.

Join a Committee

We have many opportunities for involvement in committees, from the Social Committee to the Union OH&S Committee. For information on these committees, including participation requirements, please contact the Secretary-Treasurer by calling the union office at 604-879-4671 or emailing

Internal Standing Committees

Education Committee

This committee is comprised of the Secretary-Treasurer (Chair) and the Chief Shop Steward or a Senior Shop Steward from each of the six sectors. The committee is tasked with ensuring the education needs of all shop stewards and activists are met.

Finance Committee

The purpose of the Finance Committee is to provide advice to the Executive and Society Boards on financial affairs, including budgeting, financial statements and reports, revenues, expenditures, investments, reserves, restricted funds, purchasing and leasing, membership dues, affiliation fees, members’ services and benefits, and audits. The committee is comprised of the Secretary-Treasurer, Accounting Coordinator, and the three Trustees.

Grievance Committee

The Grievance Committee has the responsibility and authority to decide, on behalf of Local 15, whether or not to advance grievances to arbitration or any other dispute resolution forum. The committee is comprised of one Table Officer (not the Secretary-Treasurer), one member at large from the sector where the grievance originated, and experienced shop stewards, or former stewards, selected from a variety of bargaining units.

New and Young Workers’ Committee

The New and Young Workers’ Committee promotes educational awareness of workers’ issues which may be pertinent to new and young worker. The committee reaches out through site visits, campaigns, and by providing education, resources and guidance across all of the CUPE Local 15 sectors. The committee is comprised of a minimum of one member selected from each CUPE Local 15 sector.

OH&S Committee

The mandate of this committee is to promote and increase the profile of worker health and safety through direct contact with our workplace health and safety committees and members, site visits, and by providing education, resources, and guidance across all Local 15 sectors. The committee is comprised of one CUPE Local 15 member elected from each sector and one alternate from each group.

Social Committee

The Social Committee’s purpose is to organize, initiate, and support social and recreational events for the enjoyment of CUPE 15 members. The committee is comprised of one CUPE Local 15 member from each sector and one alternate from each group, and an Executive Liaison appointed by the Society Executive.

Staff Advisory Committee

This committee deals with issues relating to or impacting CUPE Local 15 staff. It is comprised of the Table Officers and one Member at Large from the Executive Board. 

External Standing Committees

Building Committee

The purpose of the Building Committee is to carry out the redevelopment or relocation of the CUPE Local 15 physical office located at 545 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver. It is comprised of the President (Chair), 1st Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, Accounting Coordinator, Office Manager, and one Staff Representative. The committee will remain active until CUPE 15 successfully occupies a new space that meets its needs.

Contracting-In Committee

The intention of the committee is to develop and implement strategies for contracting in work across all sectors within CUPE Local 15. The committee will also endeavor to oppose contracting out and/or privatization of any work performed by members of CUPE Local 15. The committee consists of one table officer (currently the 1st Vice President and chair), and a representative from each sector to a maximum of seven.

Policy/Bylaw Committee

This committee is tasked with updating the policy manual and union bylaws of Local 15. The bylaw work has largely been done and is at the next step of the process which is presentation to the membership for discussion and adoption.

Bargaining Committees

Bargaining Committees negotiate and conclude collective agreements subject to the ratification of the affected membership. They are elected as needed and are comprised of a Staff Representative (voice but no vote) assigned by the President and at least two members (as determined by the bargaining unit membership) elected at a special bargaining unit membership meeting.

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