Greetings VSB Members:

Please be advised that our CUPE Local 15 bargaining committee members will begin site visits to your workplaces starting Monday, March 28th, 2022 and will continue until collective bargaining is completed.

The purpose of these visits is to ensure that we have well-coordinated lines of communication open for all our members and to afford you the opportunity to share information directly with a bargaining committee member.

We’re also hoping to update our site contacts as well, which will be vitally important for the sharing of information. So if you are interested or know someone at your work site who is interested, be sure to let us know.

The most important thing the committee needs from everyone is your personal email address as additional bulletins will be forthcoming as we prepare for and commence collective bargaining. We are NOT permitted to conduct union business on the employer’s email system.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

In solidarity,

Your CUPE Local 15 Bargaining Committee:
Chris Brown
Debbie Mohabir
Carley Romas
Cynthia Schadt
Rufa Sese
Vanessa Mani-Garrett
Kathie Currie, Staff Representative