Please see message below from Vancouver & District Labour Council (VDLC) and New Westminster & District Labour Council (NWDLC).

On October 15, 2022, voters across British Columbia will choose their municipal representatives for the next four years.

Municipal governments touch just about every aspect of our lives; such as schools, parks, roads, transit services, libraries, utilities, housing, and numerous other types of programs, services and infrastructure.

What’s more, those we elect this fall will lead our municipalities through the COVID-19 recovery. It is crucial that we elect representatives that will put people first rather than pursue austerity agendas which harm working people, families, and our communities.

That’s why the labour movement will be working to elect progressive, worker-friendly candidates across Metro Vancouver, and we need your help.

VDLC will be holding orientation meetings shortly after Labour Day, between September 7 -11, 2022. Here you can learn about member to member strategies to get our co-workers out to vote.

Please click on our QR code in the attachment to register for one of our information sessions.