Greetings Members:

After several weeks of intense negotiations with the Employer and your Bargaining Committee, we have been unable to find consensus on issues that are extremely important to you, the members. Issues such as: workplace safety, practicum students, workload, testing, and job evaluation. We are disappointed that the employer does not appreciate the importance of these proposals to you. 

The Committee is determined to negotiate a collective agreement that benefits our members in both compensation and working conditions. Unfortunately, the employer still has several concession proposals on the table, which your bargaining committee finds unacceptable. We are extremely disappointed with the current situation at the bargaining table. Your proposals deserve the attention and respect that the employer requires from you. However, unfortunately at this time, we feel the employer does not see it that way.

Bargaining will resume in January and your Committee will once again be ready to sit down with the Employer to bargain a fair agreement; we hope the Employer will do the same.

We appreciate your ongoing support and patience as we work towards achieving an acceptable collective agreement for all members.

Please ensure that we have your current mailing address and if you know of any members who aren’t receiving our updates, please have them contact us at or call us at (604) 879-4671.

In solidarity,

Debbie Mohabir, Chair
Chris Brown, Co-Chair
Cynthia Schadt
Suzette Magri
Vanessa Mani-Garrett
Rufa Sese
Kathie Currie, Representative
Warren Williams, President