Dear Vancouver Art Gallery Members:

We hope that you are enjoying summer!

As you all may know, the collective agreement has a provision for a Reclassification and Salary Schedule Committee:

21.(m) Reclassification and Salary Schedule Committee:

The parties shall form a standing joint committee comprising up to three (3) members appointed by each side to discuss reclassification and Salary Schedule issues on an ongoing basis, as necessary. This committee shall meet as soon as possible following ratification.

Currently the Reclassification Committee members are:

  • Emma Connor (on leave)
  • Susan Perrigo
  • Sophie Shen
  • Gail Johnson, CUPE Local 15 Staff Representative

As one of the members on the Reclassification Committee is on leave, we are appealing to you, the membership, for volunteers that may be willing to sit on the Reclassification Committee. For this committee to engage in a meaningful way with the employer, we need folks that are willing to participate in the work and assist your co-workers in a fair and transparent reclassification process.

The committee has taken training and has begun to develop a Terms of Reference and database for all classifications at the Gallery.

If you are interested in becoming involved, please email:

Thank you for all you do to support the Vancouver Art Gallery and each other!

In solidarity,

Susan Perrigo
Sophie Shen
Gail Johnson, Staff Representative