Greetings VMM, MOV, and HRMSC Members:

In December 2022, we notified the employer of our intent to start the bargaining process. We requested documents and sent a draft protocol agreement. Unfortunately, through to January 2023, we were unable to reach an agreement with the employers. The committee found that the employers’ proposed conditions for bargaining put us at a significant disadvantage. Therefore, along with the president of CUPE Local 15, Warren Williams, the committee has decided the best option to even the playing field is to bargain separately.

The employers have been notified and we are sending updated documents to reflect our intent to have individual bargaining tables. Currently, we are reviewing the documents we did receive from our previous request for information, and are seeking clarifications where needed.

Though we are bargaining separately, we will be coordinating with each other to ensure that the best outcome is achieved for all three institutions. The representatives at the table for each institution will be the following:

Museum of Vancouver (MOV): 
Main: Fiona Hernandez and designate by CUPE Local 15
Alternates: As designated by CUPE Local 15

HR MacMillan Space Centre (HRMSC): 
Main: Dicle Kolukisa and designate by CUPE Local 15
Alternates: As designated by CUPE Local 15

Vancouver Maritime Museum (VMMS):
Main: Kanchan Lal and Louis Renard
Alternates: As designated by CUPE Local 15

What changes for you? When a tentative agreement is reached, you will be invited to a ratification vote only for your job site rather than all three museums together.

We will keep you updated as things progress!

In solidarity,

Fiona Hernandez
Dicle Kolukisa
Kanchan Lal
Louis Renard
Sung Wong, National Representative