Dear K-12 Members:

We have recently received word from the VSB, with regards to the Compulsory Quarantine language. Commencing February 22, 2022, the VSB will be denying any requests for Compulsory Quarantine. 

The Vancouver School District 39 is writing to confirm that the application of Compulsory Quarantine language since March 17, 2020 can no longer be applied to COVID 19 symptoms due to the substantial changes in Public Health practices at this stage of the pandemic.

Clause 9.F states: “Salary for time lost due to compulsory quarantine shall be paid to permanent employees when certified by the Medical Health Officer and is not chargeable against sick leave.”

Since January 2022, Public Health has discontinued:

  • Testing or requiring testing for the general public for COVID 19
  • Testing to confirm they are positive for COVID 19 or that it is the reason for their symptoms or illness
  • Contact tracing
  • Requiring close contacts exposed to COVID 19 cases to isolate
  • Provide any personalized documentation certifying an individual is required to quarantine

Effective Tuesday, February 22, 2022, the District will no longer update absences due to personal illness to Compulsory Quarantine for individuals who write to and disclose they have symptoms.  Employees may claim personal illness benefits and receive sick pay up to the exhaustion of their available sick hour balance for any period that they are unable to attend work as a result of symptoms or illness and do not need to notify after reporting to SFE. 

The District’s Communicable Disease Prevention Plan and Health & Safety protocols continue to apply to all staff.  Employees who are sick for any reason, must stay home until their symptoms have resolved and they are well-enough to resume normal activities.  The daily health check protects all staff and students so that their workplace and schools are kept as safe as possible.

The “Union” does not agree with the employer’s interpretation or position on this and the “Union” is evaluating their options.

The “Union” requests all members who experienced the following three situations:

  • are/were symptomatic for COVID-19
  • tested positive for COVID-19
  • and were denied Compulsory Quarantine as of February 22, 2022

To send their details to:

In solidarity,

Warren Williams