We would like to update members on our recent discussions with the employer regarding the roll out of the K-12 vaccine program.

We were hoping to hear something from government last week, but they did not have any answers for us yet.

If you were not aware, the government has temporarily suspended the program due to concerns regarding potential complications with the Astra Zeneca vaccine. This has seriously impacted our members, and we have expressed our dissatisfaction at the Provincial Steering Committee as well as with individual members of government.

We have not been in the media, mainly because we have had much more success getting results behind the scenes than in the media, but rest assured, your voices are being heard in these discussions.

We are extremely frustrated to see groups who have not exercised good behaviour be rewarded with vaccine, and we have shared our dissatisfaction with government on your behalf.

If you feel you don’t want to wait for the school roll out, and you fall within the 55-65 age range, you can choose, to receive the Astra Zeneca vaccine. But we are aware this is not the preferred option for our members. And we support you on that!

In every case, please consult with your family physician before proceeding with any vaccine.

When the K-12 vaccine program resumes, we have confirmed that the employer has submitted the number of employees to government, and they will include employees who may have only worked one day a month in a school or department that has contact with a school.

We had learned from our colleagues in the Surrey school district that this had been a problem for them as it was originally only restricted to regular school staff, but they successfully fought to have it changed. We did not want the same thing to happen for our members at the VSB.

We are satisfied with the numbers that the VSB submitted to government.

As mentioned in our previous bulletin, there will not be a selection of vaccines to choose from. We will only receive what the government is providing at the time.

On another matter, that is not COVID-19 related, we would like to let members know that we have been notified as we do every year at this time, that the employer will be holding postings. These postings are held every year in the event we may need jobs available for possible displacements in the bargaining unit should other jobs be eliminated. So far there has been no indication of that happening, but we want to be prepared in the event something does happen.

We are currently in the 2021/2022 budget consultation stage at the VSB, and the union has made a submission to the employer that could hopefully benefit our members.

We are awaiting the preliminary budget from the board which should be coming out shortly and will keep updated as things progress.

Once again, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at the union office or check our website and Facebook page for updated information.

If you know of someone who is not receiving our bulletins, kindly ask them to provide their personal email address to the union office so they can be added to our list.

Thank you very much.

In solidarity,

Warren Williams, President – CUPE Local 15
Debbie Mohabir, Secretary-Treasurer – CUPE Local 15
Cynthia Schadt, Chief Shop Steward – Vancouver School Board
Kathie Currie, CUPE Local 15 Staff Representative