The CUPE Local 15 City et al Bargaining Committee is pleased to announce we have been advised that the City of Vancouver (Common Employer) has ratified in favour of the renewal collective agreements (City, Parks Britannia, and Ray-Cam) on the basis of the Memorandum of Settlement recommended by the parties’ bargaining committees.  Please find the link to the settlement here:

With both Parties’ ratifications now in place the change to the Extended Health Care Plan covering oral contraceptives and contraceptive devices is expected to come into effect on August 1, 2021.  Other changes will be implemented in the coming weeks along with retroactivity.  We will share this information with the City et al members once we are advised.

In solidarity,

City et al Bargaining Committee (City, Parks, Britannia, and Ray-Cam)

Warren Williams, CUPE Local 15 President
Santino Scardillo, Chair (City)
Starla Bayley (Parks)
Paul Chohan (City)
Henry Lee (Parks)
Michele Alexander (City)
Tony Zullo (City)
Kyle Larson (Parks)
Ravina Lal, Alternate (City)
Carin Rahmberg, Alternate (Ray-Cam Cooperative Centre)
John Geppert, Local 15 Staff Representative
Steve Salsman, Local 15 Staff Representative