Greetings City et al Members:

On September 20, 2022, our members from the City of Vancouver, Vancouver Park Board, RayCam Cooperative Centre, and Britannia Community Centre elected the City et al Bargaining Committee to represent City et al members in contract negotiations with the employer.

The Bargaining Committee is asking City et al members to complete an open-ended survey as soon as possible. The information provided through this survey will help us identify our collective issues and help formulate the demands we will take to the table with the employer. The Bargaining Committee will also review hot topics with our Shop Stewards and Staff Representatives to help formulate our demands.

Your Bargaining Committee is working very hard to ensure we have the tools we need to bargain on your behalf. In addition to a fair wage increase, you deserve a contract that respects your rights as a worker.

Before we present our demands to the employer, you will be invited to a meeting where we will ratify our demands. The ratification meeting is your opportunity to:

  • view what is being put forward
  • comment and ask questions on our proposals
  • cast a ballot

Please take some time to complete the bargaining survey using the QR code or survey link that has been mailed via Canada Post and emailed to all City et al Members. The results will greatly assist your Bargaining Committee in the work we are doing on your behalf.

If you have not received a QR code or survey link yet, please contact the union office at or call 604-879-4671.

In solidarity,

The City et al Bargaining Committee:
Warren Williams, President
Starla Bayley and Paul Chohan, Co-chairs
Steve Salsman, Staff Representative
Issa Slimani, City
Jacqueline Smith, City
Ava Choy, City (Alternate)
Starla Bayley, Parks
Henry Lee, Parks
Henry Williams, Parks (Alternate)
Jacqueline Davis, RayCam
Paul Chohan, Member at Large
Neil Pillay, Member at Large