We still have some time to make paid sick leave a reality for all workers in BC.  Soon, the 2021 budget will be tabled in the BC Legislature. We need to make sure that it includes paid, permanent, protected sick leave for all workers in the province. Nobody should have to choose between staying home when they’re sick and putting food on the table.

Email our leaders and help make paid sick leave for all become law. We’ve drafted the email for you, all you have to do is hit ‘send’.

Paid sick leave is something that can and should be a reality in this province. It’s something that is necessary to ensure the safety of BC residents. We need a sick leave program that: Provides an adequate number of sick days Fully pays workers’ wages Has no barriers to access Applies to every worker in BC British Columbia can be an example that other provinces follow when it comes to making the lives of working people better. You can help us get there, but only if you act now.

Be part of a legacy that lasts for generations to come. Email our leaders today telling them how important permanent, protected sick leave for all BC workers is to you.  www.futureforall.ca/sick_leave

Thanks for your help on this,

Susanne Susanne Skidmore
BC Federation of Labour