Greetings City et al Members:

Your bargaining committee continues to meet weekly. We are on our way to being able to present thought-out proposals that we will share with our members to vote on for ratification, prior to meeting with the employer.

Please make sure your personal email address is current with the union office so that you receive regular updates. If you know of a member who is not receiving our updates, please ask them to email us their personal email to:

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

In solidarity,

The City et al Bargaining Committee:
Starla Bayley and Paul Chohan, Co-chairs
Steve Salsman, Staff Representative
Issa Slimani, City
Jacqueline Smith, City
Ava Choy, City (Alternate)
Starla Bayley, Parks
Henry Lee, Parks
Henry Williams, Parks (Alternate)
Jacqueline Davis, RayCam
Paul Chohan, Member at Large
Neil Pillay, Member at Large
Warren Williams, President