Dear City et al Members:

On June 12, 2023, your Bargaining Committee met face-to-face with the employer’s committee to conduct an initial exchange of bargaining proposals. Your committee has been reviewing the employer’s proposals over the past two days. We have tentative plans to meet with the employer again on June 21, 2023 to discuss the respective proposals and will be seeking further dates to meet over the coming weeks.

We appreciate your patience and support as we work towards renewing our collective agreements and will keep you updated as things progress.

In solidarity,

The City et al Bargaining Committee:
Starla Bayley and Paul Chohan, Co-chairs
Steve Salsman, Staff Representative
Jacqueline Smith, City
Ava Choy, City (Alternate)
Starla Bayley, Parks
Henry Lee, Parks
Henry Williams, Parks (Alternate)
Jacqueline Davis, Ray-Cam
Paul Chohan, Member at Large
Neil Pillay, Member at Large
Warren Williams, President
Sung Wong, CUPE National Representative