Do It – It’s Easy

There are two important items to bring to your attention:

First, I would like to thank all candidates for letting their names stand for the Executive Board elections and I wish them good luck in their campaigns. See election information in the April and May 2022 issues of the Members’ Voice.

The second important item is the bargaining across all our sectors with multiple employers. The majority of our members will be bargaining new collective agreements before the end of the year. One of the strongest resources we can have is the ability to communicate with our members on a moment’s notice.

We have had many discussions over the years with members, Executive Board members, and staff about the importance of member engagement. Being such a large local, with multiple employers and over 1,000 worksites, the task of face-to-face engagement is difficult to say the least, especially during the last two years because of COVID. Members have voiced their concerns about not having a consistent union presence or visits at their worksites. This is not something the Executive Board can do on their own because there are far too many worksites across Vancouver, Richmond, and North Vancouver. The only way this can be accomplished with any consistency is with the commitment of our members.

Do It – It’s Easy

There are several ways to assist with this vitally important role in our union. Consider being a site contact. A site contact is not a shop steward, but is a dedicated individual who ensures that their coworkers are kept up to date on issues that may concern them. A site contact is responsible for posting union information on union bulletin boards at our worksites. These could include bargaining updates, monthly general membership meeting notices, sector-specific meeting information, as well as union education opportunities, all of which is provided by mail to the site contact.

The shop steward is another vital role and it is important to have one at each of our sites. Union education is provided, along with book off (paid union leave), and is a protected right under the BC Labour Board.

Other ways to be involved, and maybe the least labour intensive, is to follow the CUPE 15 Facebook page, and access the union website. These are simple ways to keep up-to-date on union activities.

Last, but by no means least, is to provide your personal email address to the union office. This is, without a doubt, the quickest and possibly most efficient form of communication between the union executive and union members.

A union is only as effective as its members and communication is vital, so please do your part and help us by doing one or all of the above. Site contacts and shop stewards are our eyes and ears on the ground. They help us to know what issues are of concern and give us an opportunity to address them with the employer in an effort to resolve them before they become problematic. Following our Facebook page and website and providing your personal email address will help keep you up-to-date and also give us a means to contact you on short notice with emerging issues.

Do It – It’s Easy

Call us at 604-879-4671, email us at, and check out our website at

I want to thank our current site contacts, shop stewards, Executive Board members, members who have provided their personal email addresses, and our office administration staff for all that you do to keep our members connected.